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Delivery Information

When will the cargo be ordered?

The products / products ordered from are delivered to Speed ​​Cargo within 3 business days at the latest.

If the product you ordered is not available in our stocks, it will be supplied within 10 business days at the latest and shipped to you at our address.

Which cargo company will deliver the order?

Delivery of 's deliveries is done with Speed ​​Cargo to Turkey and FedEx to abroad.

How long will the order be delivered?

Your domestic orders reach your hand no later than 3 business days after shipment.

After your order is shipped abroad, you will arrive within 5 business days at the latest in Europe and within 7 business days at the latest in the other regions.

Foreign goods orders / products kept in customs, customs extra tax, etc. is not responsible for the situation and in these cases returns and exchanges are not accepted.

What should I do if I can not find my cargo when it arrives?

If you know this beforehand, we can deliver your order to cargo any day if you tell us.

However, if you can not find it at your address for a reason that you can not foresee beforehand, Speed ​​Cargo can keep your order up to 3 business days if you call the nearest Speed ​​Cargo branch and tell us that you expect a cargo, wait for it in the branch and get the cargo from the branch.

Let's say you could not call the branch, the cargo arrived and could not find you at your address. In this case your door should be left with a notification. In general, we often encounter situations where the door does not leave such a notification. For this reason, we advise you to report your situation to the cargo office from the following day when we receive an e-mail or sms message about the cargo exit.